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Our engineering team designs and builds everything from the basic punch die to the most complex progressive draw dies. Each die built is tested under real manufacturing conditions. Press capacities range from 5 to 300 tons. Each press is capable of running production stamping. We also engineer and manufacture tooling, including die consumables, replacement die components, emergency repairs, and complex fixtures.

TOOL & DIE and
WIRE EDM Services
Types of Die
  • Progressive
  • Compound
  • Blanking
  • Hole Pierce
  • CAM Pierce
  • Deep Draw
  • Hand Load
  • Transfer Press
  • Press Brake

Wire EDMs

From small parts to large parts, our EDM services give us great precision in cutting intricate extrusion dies, die sections, and detail gears, while offering an affordable solution when low counts or high accuracy is required.

wire edm.PNG
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